Persepolis: Reimagined

We helped Getty create an immersive experience Persepolis: Reimagined to go alongside the introduction of the new exhibition. Persepolis Reimagined is an immersive web experience that lets visitors explore the ceremonial capital of the ancient Persian Empire at its height. Visitors can walk in the footsteps of ancient dignitaries through the most accurate recreation of Persepolis to date, and learn about the art, architecture, and customs of this iconic monument to imperial power.



Roles / Responsibilites
UI/UX Design (Pitch Phase)
UI Design
Web Design
Augmented Reality

Initial Concepts

We explored gamification in the early phases of the project. When tasked with creating an engaging and interactive experience for the Persia exhibition, we brainstormed a cipher game that would serve as a educational tool for visitors to discover and learn about the exhibited artifacts.

A_ Daiva Inscription

Gallery Wayfinding

To enhance the visitor experience and provide a wayfinding solution, our team conceptualized an augmented reality app to complement the gallery exhibit. Our goal was to seamlessly blend technology with the physical space, offering visitors a unique and interactive way to navigate the exhibition while deepening their engagement and understanding of the artworks.

m davia
m AR map
m head lion


UI Wireframes

UI Wireframes