Wall of Dreams

Welcome to a realm where innovation and aspiration converge! Honda's Wall of Dreams vividly unfolds Honda’s diverse accomplishments and visionary ambitions– in AR! Honda invited viewers to be a part of this enthralling journey, where every quadrant of the mural tells a story of dreams and determination.



Role / Responsibilties
UI Design
UX Design


UX Design

When a user enters the experience, the nebula will take over the artwork and highlight key interactions with pulsing icons. Within each of these sections, we implemented gaze detection technology, enabling the hero element to appear and disappear instantaneously in response to your natural gaze. This functionally not only introduces an element of surprise and engagement but also enhances the user’s ability to seamlessly navigate the AR environment.

Sky Segmentation

For this version, users were granted an exclusive glimpse of Honda's groundbreaking eVTOL (electric take-off and landing aircraft) concept in Augmented Reality (AR). The eVTOL gracefully descends directly above the user, making a brief appearance before gracefully ascending into the distance, where the iconic Honda: Power of Dreams logo majestically dominates the sky at the end of the experience.